A no-cost service
provided by your employer.

A partner to help you take control of your health.

My Health Navigator, a pharmacist-led service, helps you identify the safest, most effective & least costly medications, control health issues, and navigate a complicated healthcare system.

We collaborate with you, your physician, and other health care providers to promote patient-centered care by ensuring that all aspects of health are addressed fully.

“I just want to say thank you! To all the knowledgeable and friendly staff. I truly believe the advice and help with low cost co-pays have helped improve my daughter’s Asthma care and eczema. Thank You!”

- State of Montana Employee

Included in your
benefit package,
we help you:

  • minimize prescription costs
  • get answers about your health
  • control healthcare expenses
  • simplify medication management
  • improve overall health
  • manage long-term and chronic conditions
Pills and Money Laid Out

My Health Navigator covers all eligible* members, regardless of their health.

There is no minimum condition requirement.

We support:

Anyone who uses:


  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Multiple medications
  • Vitamins, herbal, or dietary supplements
  • Prescriptions from multiple pharmacies
  • Medications requiring close monitoring
  • and more

Anyone who has:


  • Cost concerns
  • Prescriptions from multiple providers
  • Medication questions and problems
  • Undesirable side effects
  • Existing or new medications
  • Short-term or unexpected health issues
  • Been hospitalized
  • Chronic or long-term conditions
  • and more

* Not available to those with Medicare coverage

My Health Navigator Pharmacists

How it works

A separate service from routine dispensing, our pharmacists comprehensively review your prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), and supplement use to identify:

  • lower cost substitutions
  • overall cost effectiveness
  • avoidable side-effects
  • under/over utilization and usage gaps
  • inappropriate dosing
  • drug-disease and drug-drug interactions
  • high-risk medications

We use technology
to help with:

  • Quick and easy communication with you in your preferred communication choice (text, email or call)
  • Collaborative communication with healthcare providers
  • Member pre-appointment preparation
  • Post-appointment follow-up
  • Comprehensive medication review process (CMR)
  • Up-to-date, accurate personal medication record (PMR)
  • Development of medication action plan (MAP)
Connected Technology

Pharmacists, your partners in health

As part of their professional degree, doctors of pharmacy receive extensive training on medication management to optimize treatment options, manage medication side effects, interactions and duplications, interpret lab results and more.

Start benefitting today

My Health Navigator is included in your benefit plan, and covers all eligible* members (regardless of their health). There is no additional cost to use the service.

  • Minimize prescription costs
  • Avoid preventable healthcare expenses
  • Professional medication review and consultation
  • Guidance for managing asthma, diabetes, and other long-term conditions
  • Reduced costs on some medications
  • Advice on improving overall health


Speak with a pharmacist.:


(406) 780-8018

* Not available to those with Medicare coverage


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